Music Matters with Darrell Craig Harris

Waylon Reavis vocalist for Nu Metal Band ‘A Killer’s Confession’ and former vocalist for ‘Mushroomhead’ chats with Darrell Craig Harris on episode 17 season two

May 7, 2021


My chat with Waylon Revis, vocalist for 'A Killer Confession' and former 'Mushroomhead' vocalist was great fun while at the same time insightful. This is one happily married dude living in Florida. When listening to this chat I am sure like me you'll feel the clear sense that having faced personal adversity nothing now is gonna stop him from his razor-sharp focus to move forward in life. 

We cover lots of topics from his past, time with 'Mushroomhead'. How he has been dealing with life not touring due to CV19 and how he's preparing to go back out on tour and how he continues to develop his latest project 'A Killer Confession' and its music.  This was real quality time spent, and I hope we can do it again soon. 


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