Music Matters with Darrell Craig Harris

Niki Westerback – singer/songwriter and lead vocalist for the all-female rock-band Barbe-Q-Barbies is our special guest on episode 18, season 2 of Music Matters with Darrell Craig Harris

May 10, 2021


In this episode, I chat with one of my long-time friends Niki Westerback. Niki was discovered and encouraged to develop her singing skills by well-known vocal coach and record producer -Tracy Lipp of Helsinki Records. Since their first studio meeting, Niki has never looked back. Both her solo career and as the lead singer of the all-female heavy rock group - Barbe-Q-Barbies

Over the CV19 lockdown, Niki's was invited to provide multi-back vocals for the Euro-winning hard rock group - Lordi - Niki's successful solo singer/songwriter career is aptly titled Niki's Project, and her latest single 'Like a Clown' has just been released with poignant lyrics about being bullied. You can check out her music on her website, as well as some of her videos.


Niki Westerback & Barbe-Q-Barbies website and social links. (hey join Niki's mailing list on her website:)

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